What if My Child is Absent?

Thu, 09/28/2023 - 12:19pm

Research is clear that showing up for school has a huge impact on a student’s academic and social success, starting from pre-kindergarten and continuing through high school. Missing 10% (or about 18 days of a school year or 2 a month) can drastically affect a student’s academic success at each grade level. Please help us support a culture of showing up to school every day!

Please review Policy 9010: https://policy.hcpss.org/9000/9010/

If your student is absent or will be absent, please contact us at the following email address to explain the reason: presabsence@hcpss.org.

In the email please Include the following information:

-Student First and Last Name


-Reason for absence (e.g., illness, bereavement, observance of a religious holiday, lack of transportation)



HCPSS students are granted 3 days a year to use at their discretion for scheduled interviews with prospective employers, visits to post-secondary institutions, family trips, civic engagement, and other special events. Such absences may not occur during exam or state-mandated testing periods unless authorized by the principal/designee. A written request for such absences to be lawful/excused should be submitted at least one week in advance to the principal/designee.

Please download the PDF fillable PDF icon PDF icon Discretionay Absence Request and email it to presabsence@hcpss.org.

The form is also available in PDF icon Discretionary Absence-CHINESE, PDF icon Discretionary Absence-KOREAN, and PDF icon Discretionary Absence-SPANISH

If you are requesting a day for a religious holiday not identified by the Howard County Public School System school calendar, please download the PDF icon Religious Absence Form and email it to presabsence@hcpss.org.

With the collaborative effort of HCPSS parents, staff and students, we are confident that all students can have successful attendance. This will improve student success in school and in future life!