Trex Plastic Recycling Challenge

Wed, 05/01/2019 - 2:38pm

The 2018/2019 Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge has concluded. Pointers Run Elementary finished 3rd in the Mid-Atlantic region, collecting and recycling 1,066 pounds of plastic film! We finished first in the state of MD!

To put our total into perspective, 1,066 lbs of plastic film is approximate to each of the following:
- 56,886 plastic grocery/shopping bags, or
- 146,524 resealable snack bags, or
- 107,451 newspaper sleeves, or
- 400 more pounds than we recycled in last year's challenge

This accomplishment could not have happened without the many P.R.E.S. families and students that sent in plastic film and the twelve dedicated 4th graders who gave up Friday recesses to collect, sort, and weigh plastic film.

Remember, plastic film should not be put out with hard plastic for curbside collection, as it cannot be processed by most county collection facilities. It can and should be recycled at many grocery stores and some retailers, including Target. Our 1,000-plus pounds of plastic film was personally dropped off at collection facilities each week by two P.R.E.S. staff members.

Finally, due to the large volume of plastic film generated by our school community and the task/time commitment involved in processing it, we have decided to take a break from collection. The goal all along was to raise community awareness about plastic film recycling -- both the need for it and how to do it. After two years of this effort, we are asking families to consider continuing to recycle plastic film at their local grocery stores instead of sending it in to school.